Integra is dedicated to building effective kingdom businesses. But what does this really mean? How can we know if we are very effective at this, somewhat effective, or not every effective at all? Good questions.


In 2010 Integra embarked on a comprehensive effort to assess the degree to which we were accomplishing our objective of building businesses which impact society, change communities, and touch lives with the Gospel.


This project, which is ongoing, is designed to do three things.


First, we want to establish a what a "kingdom" business looks like. We want to determine what aspects of every owner's life and business should be evaluated. This required a grid to evaluate both the quality of the business, and the degree to which that business was "Christian." The standards we have chosen to measure are available in the client assessment document which is available here.


Second, we plan to annually examine the progress we are making against the criteria identified. We have therefore developed tools and systems to conduct our assessment. This process includes both hard (by the numbers) questions, as well as soft (how the business is perceived in the community). The results of the first round of assessment is available in the client assessment report.


Third, we will report our results in a meaningful way. Just as we are evaluating the businesses we are assisting, so too this annual evaluation process is a part of Integra's evaluation of itself. It tells our donors and the public how we are doing, and whether or not Integra is a good "investment" as a ministry, worthy of support. In the future the client assessment will include profiles of the ways in which the businesses we are evaluating are 'impacting society.'


Our eventual objective as an organization, is to be seen as a highly effective Christian business development organization in Central and Eastern Europe. We believe the region is ripe for rapid development and will present a good business opportunity. Our vision is to see believers seize this opportunity for the kingdom, developing businesses that reflect kingdom values. This will in turn result in financial support for Christian churches and ministries, and allow Christians to be the salt and light in the marketplace to whcih Christ calls us.