I’ve been involved with Integra Ventures for more than ten years and this organization combines the best of entrepreneurial training and coaching with a deep Christian desire to see lives changed for eternity.
— Bob Fulton (Businessman and Entrepreneur)

The History of Integra USA

Integra began as an outreach of International Teams (IT), a historically innovative ministry that focused its work in Eastern and Central Europe. During the transitional years just after the fall of the communist regimes across the region, IT board member Bob Fulton saw an opportunity to reach people with the Gospel by fostering business development. As a successful entrepreneur from the Boston area, Bob knew first hand the impact a company run with integrity could have on communities.

Over time, a growing pool of would-be Christian entrepreneurs emerged. Bob and others provided basic business counsel and encouragement. A handful of successful companies developed in the region. As a part of the training, business owners were challenged to consider their role as believers working in business. They were mentored to see that their responsibilities included personal care and concern for employees and their families, and working to become model companies functioning with integrity. Such a perspective on business was uncommon at the time.


Integra Venture’s Formation

In 1995 Integra Ventures was incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization and came together with a like-minded ministry already functioning in Slovakia. In short order Integra partner agencies were formed in Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, and later, Serbia, and clients have also been served in Croatia, Hungary, and Ukraine.