The men and women of Integra consistently live out their transformational vision to create islands of integrity. Integra has proved itself a most effective agency in the field of holistic and sustainable development.
— Donald McGilchrist

How does the Loan Fund work?

Integra’s multiple loan funds are supported by “gifts that keep on giving.” There is no minimum gift for our loan funds. Donors wishing to contribute a gift of any amount can participate. As gifts are given, loans are disbursed. Then repayment begins, a new loan is issued, and the cycle continues. 

Donors to Integra’s loan funds have included well known U.S. and European corporations such as Citibank and Shell Oil. In addition, hundreds of smaller donors, some making gifts as small as $20, have grown our loan portfolio resources. 

These gifts truly do continue to “give” because as small businesses are launched and prosper, recipients repay the funds—with interest—so they can then be reused for new loans. 

Contribute to the Loan Fund

This cycle of gift > loan > repayment yields fruit for God’s kingdom. As individuals prosper and are mentored by Integra business consultants, they catch the vision for giving back to their community. They fund local social service agencies and churches. And they provide desperately needed employment and skill training to give their fellow citizens increased opportunity for personal advancement. 

Beyond this, Integra staff enjoy the chances that arise regularly to mentor their clients on spiritual matters. Integra’s programs address the needs of the whole person in the context of their business development.