The men and women of Integra consistently live out their transformational vision to create islands of integrity. Integra has proved itself a most effective agency in the field of holistic and sustainable development.
— Donald McGilchrist

What are they?

Silent Partners are friends of Integra who “give to make it happen.” They are those who work quietly in the background to make the Kingdom work of Integra possible. 

Giving a minimum of $1,000 per year, Silent Partners play a pivotal role in making Integra’s business model work. Silent Partner funding helps promote the concept of business as mission across the United States and around the world. 

Resources afford U.S. staff the opportunity to travel and introduce the concept of business-as-mission to individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations. 

Again and again as the vision for Integra is presented, the response is, “This is a great idea. I’ve never heard of it before.” 

The Silent Partner program name is taken from the business world where a “silent partner” often provides guidance and funding for a start up company, but does not participate in the daily operation of the business. Integra Silent Partners provide encouragement, guidance, and funding to help make our work possible.

In the same way, Silent Partners fund a mighty effort to change lives and communities for Christ through business development all across Central and Eastern Europe. Many of those whom your gifts will support will never know your name, or that your generosity made the ministry in their lives possible. Thank you in advance on behalf of those you will help.