Integra combines faith and business in their work to bring economic development and ever lasting life. They apply the principles of Spiritual Capital to business development. The combination is powerful. It is the only way to teach and develop business in the long run for the health of the nations they serve.
— Ken Eldred

Why Small & Medium Business?

“SMEs”, as they are referred to, are the backbone of every free-market economy in the world. We view these as operations employing from 5 to 250 people. Integra firmly believes that this size business holds the greatest promise for significant impact for the Kingdom in local communities. 

SMEs are large enough to have a presence in the community, but small enough to be understandable and reproducible. Building a large corporation typically takes many years. And, as such entities, employing thousands of people, grow, the management is either remote or loses touch with the man on the line. 


The Impact on the Community

Owners of small businesses generally live in the communities where they own their companies. As such they have a vested interest in enhancing the social structures in their area. In addition, given their faith, Christian entrepreneurs are mindful of the impact their business decisions have on the spread of the Gospel. Living as "salt and light" in the marketplaces of Central and Eastern Europe makes a profound statement for Christ. And as their businesses prosper, they step forward to support local ministries, thus reducing the need for outside contributions and dependency on the west.


Measuring Results

Integra has worked with more than 100 SMEs since inception, providing, training, coaching, mentoring, and capital. Beyond supporting these businesses, we also evaluate their performance. Our assessment page provides additional information on how we measure success.