Integra is doing the important work of supporting and helping entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe grow their businesses, and not only do things right, but also do the right thing.
— C. William Pollard

Market-Oriented Education

The scriptures tell us "Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed" (Proverbs 15:22 English Standard Version). One of Integra's core convictions is that business development is most effective when entrepreneurs receive the right kind of training.

While this is true in every business development setting, it is especially important in areas that were dominated by communism for decades. Market-oriented education is still in its early stages after years of centrally planned economics.

Training Partners

In light of this, Integra has partnered with a business training ministry in the U.S. which provides an extensive curriculum for our clients. Experienced Christian business owners present this material in intensive courses delivered on site for our clients in Europe.

The program offers instruction in all aspects of business planning: product development, inventory management, finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, human resources--in short it provides the foundation necessary to establish a profitable venture.

When linked with our intentional mentoring program and commitment to the application of biblical principles in the marketplace, this training program forms a solid foundation for success in every sense of the word.